What is the reason for Parkinson’s disease?

  • The brain produces many chemicals which control the movements of the body. The most important of these is dopamine. Whenever there is a deficiency of dopamine in the body , the hands and legs start to shiver involuntarily . This is called Parkinson’s disease (To control this , doctors prescribed Syndopa or Levadopa , which gets converted into dopamine in the body.) Such patients are found to have poor digestion with UDF. Therefore to cure this disease , first we have to set right the digestion . In addition we stimulate the enteric nervous system to secrete dopamine because dopamine is also produced in the small intestine , though in lesser quantity . (For more info click treatment for perkinson. If the patient comes to us after taking medicines for several month, then what is the difference in the treatment or formula and why ?First give UDF treatment. Next give the following treatment for dopamine secretion :-I (20) Medulla + Normal formula + (12) Gas I .After this ‘ Basal ganglion treatment ‘  should be givenII (20) Medulla x 2 treatments – for dopamineIII (8) Medulla x 2 treatments – for serotonin

III (2) Medulla x 2 treatments – for GABA, serotonin and dopamine are regulatory chemicals which inhibit unnecessary movements of the body.Now let us see one more example of Guruji’s unique interpretation and utilization of facts given in Medical Physiology ::A patient who has taken syndopa or similar drugs for many months will have an excessive amount of dopamine in his body . Since the work of dopamine is to inhibit body movements , so in such a person even normal movements will be inhibited , so much so that , even taking two steps at time will be difficult and sluggish .In such cases we should not give any LMNT treatments which will produce dopamine or any other inhibitory chemical . Instead , we should produce those neurotransmitters that stimulate body movements . Two such chemicals are acetylcholine and norepinephrine . This aspect about the patient’s past medication should be borne in mind while writing the LMNT treatment card . So the correct treatment would be UDF treatment followed by :-I (15) Medulla x 2 treatments – for acetylcholineII (4) Mesencephalon x 2 treatments – for norepinephrine from the brain .III (6) Swt x 2 treatments – for norepinephrine from the peripheral nervous system.This is the apt treatment for patients of Parkinson’s who have been taking medicine for several years.

From 2002 onwards we are treating lots of Perkinson’s patients with our holistic treatments. Most importantly with this therapy you are not suggested to quit medicine immediately. By progressing the therapy when patient is feeling better, doctor reduces the medicine dose accordingly. (Medicine like syndopa, Livadopa, cynamate etc)

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