Neurotherapy- An ancient way to cure cholesterol through the methods of the Early Vedic Period.

What is cholesterol?

It’s a deadly entity growing inside your body that causes exceeding fatty acids and glycerol in the walls of your arteries. Basically, it’s the coagulation of increasing levels of body fat in your blood leading to severe problems, and sometimes, might even prove fatal.

Are there separate branches of the disease?

Generally, there are two types of cholesterol. LDL (Low density Lipoprotein) cholesterol, commonly known as the bad cholesterol, is the primary origin of unwanted fats in your wall arteries. HDL (High Density Lipoprotein) cholesterol is known as the good cholesterol, which helps to prevent the bad cholesterol from building up and coagulating in the arteries. There are certain causes of high cholesterol that a person does not have control over such as heredity, age and gender. Imagine how dreadful it can be not allowing blood through the only passage that supports the function!

What are the dreadful effects?

Arteries blocked. Blood release critical. Abnormal relaxation and contraction of the heart muscles. Harmful? These can lead to slow death. What happens when cholesterol levels reach high?
The blood sugar content in the body, on abnormally increasing cause blockage in the walls of the arteries that sometimes lead to great discomfort in breathing and respiration. When the accumulation of fats rises, arteries worsen and also increases the risks of heart stroke as there isn’t sufficient blood flow in the walls of the arteries.

Is there any way to prevent this disease from building up more?

If not improvised in the earlier stage, cholesterol can lead to a fatal death. However, Neurotherapy can give you reasons enough to consult their methods of treating this disease in a much more convenient and easier way. Some of the following methods of preventing this disease are-

1. When your blood sugar levels have reached the epitome, don’t stress yourself on eating any junk food. Your saturated fat won’t find a way out if treated with food with high amounts of sugar. You must have fruits and vegetables in abundance as they are rich in omega-3s that can decrease your cholesterol levels.

2. Like burning calories and fats, physical mobility is a must activity to perform at the time of high cholesterol levels. Being physically active makes your body regulate the flow of blood in a better way. Thus, working out is really helpful in reducing your cholesterol levels.

3. “Smoking Kills”. It’s likely to encounter an advert before the start of a movie but, it is a legit fact despite the urge to smoke. Smoking can render the heart with decreased blood pump, can increase the risk of coronary artery disease. In short, smoking is no necessary evil. Quitting this would stop harming your health and your body will bear quicker methods to heal.

These are some of the ways how you can challenge your cholesterol levels and find a steady way to take relief from the disease. Before it proves to be fatal, you must consult Neurotherapy Nirogalaya and take serious treatments from our specialist, Dipanjan Dev.

Have a healthy and happy Life ahead!

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