Neurotherapy- A steady relief from headache.

Have you been suffering from acute pains from headache and migraines? We suppose that you’ve got in touch with various medicines and tried to escape this terrible ailment. Pills, tablets, alike that have temporarily cured your headache might give you a satisfactory time at your workplace, or prepare you for your daily endeavours but have you given a thought that such pills or tablets come at a price and also, side-effects that don’t seem to strike you at once but, here’s a fact. The deficiency in sleeping patterns, irregular flow of money in prescribed tablets from your doctor, or the non-periodic illness that has pushed you further into buying more medicines…give it a thought that problems are in continuity and that, it doesn’t seem to end so easily leading to the overuse of tablets and reckless expenditure of money.
Here, at our Neurotherapy centre, we provide a permanent destination for the treatment of your problems. In case, you’re suffering from tremendous headaches or continuous sufferings from migraine pains, we advise you to consult the early healing methods passed down from the Vedic period, that is, Neurotherapy.
Headaches are common ailments that arise from many causes, but that’s no comfort when you have one. From inflamed sinuses to drinking too much wine, or from deficiency in sleeping patters to continued visibility at a screen emitting excessive blue light, the main cause of your headache can determine how to combat it. But don’t reach for your pills just yet. As explained earlier, they might make it worse with the side effects.

The following are some useful tips from our specialised consultants of Neurotherapy-

1. Put down meditation as one of your must and daily activities. Take in deep breaths and exhale the air out slowly as it increases the supply of oxygen to your brain.
2. Once or twice a day, take a bowl full of water and let it boil enough for your hands to be immersed in it. Now, put both of your hands into warm water for proper blood supply to upper body…
3. Avoid drinking or eating cold and sour beverages or foods, respectively as they create tension in your nervous systems and renders it slow and weak. Thus, staying away from such tastes would reduce your chances of headache.
4. Water is the most necessary life supporting entity on Earth. Don’t neglect your intake of water as the compound, itself is an important agent in facilitating your body fluids and regulating your involuntary processes properly. Have at least 3 litres of water per day.
5. Avoid noisy places as when your ears get exposed to a certain decibel that crosses the limit of your hearing perception, the sound is no longer pleasant to your ears.

In case of sinus or migraine and other diseases, please write to us or contact with any therapist/doctor etc. We wish you a healthy and hygienic life ahead.

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