Neurotherapy- A natural method to cure diabetes.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a serious metabolic disease in humans, common in both men and women that can scar someone for Life. The disease is to deal with the hormonal insulin that is a very important content in the human body for regulating the flow of glucose and blood sugar. Once when the body fails or recedes to create sugar inside the body, the ailment is termed to be diabetes.

Does this disease extend to multiple branches?

Diabetes is a condition which, if not treated properly, might lead to great problems in the years to come. It is mainly of two types-

Diabetes Mellitus refers to the condition in which the blood levels of glucose get elated or excited so far as to abnormally increase the glucose levels in the body. On the other hand, Diabetes Insipidus works just contrary to the former ailing state. It’s a condition in which the body becomes deficient in secreting even the required amount of insulin in the body.

How harmful is the effect?

People living in the rural as well as urban areas generally face this health condition. If you do not take care of it, it can be deadly and cause slow death. Diabetes is a common health condition and there are several medications to cure the symptoms. However there are alternative methods; the methods which don’t require lucrative lumps of money for curing diabetes. Why pop in tablets and medicines?
Nerve, Eyes, Kidneys and other organs can get damaged if the diabetes is untreated for a long time.

How to cure?

Diabetes Treatment, benefitted from the ancient healing techniques of Neurotherapy is very effective and it does not require you to take medications of any sort.
Nerve, Eyes, Kidneys and other organs can get damaged if the diabetes is untreated for a long time.
Blood tests can show if you have diabetes, so if you are suffering from something that match the symptoms of the disease, you must get a blood test done.

Where to visit?

The treatment of diabetes in modern days involves taking insulin through injections or taking medications every day that goes on till the end of life. But Neurotherapy Nirogalaya involves no such process and cures Diabetes.

What are the preliminary steps to cure the disease?

Neurotherapy recognizes pressure points to treat the physical points involved, which are listed below:

•   The index finger of your foot is directly connected to the pancreas. First, the index finger of your foot is held by two fingers and then it is slowly twisted in both ways; slowly and softly. This mechanism activates the metabolism of the pancreas.

•   Initially, the twisting is done ten times by holding the finger’s bottom for ten times.

•   Soon after the mechanism is repeated ten times, the tip of the finger is held and then twisted both ways.

•   The other pressure point involved in the treatment of diabetes is the point present on the thigh. The thighs are pressed effectively to adjust the blood flow of pancreas accurately.

•   The third point which is involved in treating the disease is the joining point of your shoulder blades. The point where you shoulder plates meet is circulated clockwise and anti-clockwise quite effectively.

This circulation is, henceforth, carried out in continuity for a total of twelve times.

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Neurotherapy involves such natural ways of healing and isn’t biased on medicines. It’s just one step away for you to visit the Neurotherapy centre, Neurotherapy Nirogalaya to cure your diseases by the early Vedic techniques that have served you pain for a long time. Consult our neurotherapy consultant, Dipanjan Dev for further appointments for treating your chronic diseases, without pain or any sort of unnecessary pills or tablets.

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