Gastritis Therapy

There are many reasons as to why acidity and gastric disorders mess up with your routine and it does nothing but cause irritation in your stomach. However, along with remedies that cure this disorder, Neurotherapy is considered to be one of the easiest and uncomplicated ways of treating these kinds of disorders.

Why do gastric problems occur?

Disorders relating to acute problems indigestion and gas generally occur when there’s an improper gap between intaking meals in your daily routine or sudden change in diet when the ingredients have junk content and have more chances to increase your cholesterol. Moreover, gastric problems also occur when the combination of your food habits involve something both basic and acidic in nature, which in turn contradicts in the stomach to cause pain.

What are the symptoms of gastritis?

When you’ve had enough food, you get a feeling of fullness and satisfaction, after which if you go on with having more food, it might cause acute pain in your stomach.

When you have sudden cramps or an entangled feeling in your abdomen, it might signify a form of gastritis.

Change in the regularity of your stool is also an indication of a gastric disorder.

Nauseous feelings and a loss of appetite also indicate the same.

Can Gastric problems be cured?

Neurotherapy has one of the best ways to heal your problems related to digestion and gastric disorders without the involvement of any costly medicine, pill or tablet.
In case of digestive problems, there’s a remedy you can follow, stepwise in order to attain instant relief from the pain.
As you feel pain when pressed between the regions of your abdomen and stomach, it’s related to acidity, that is, a gastric problem that’s ruining your day. In that case, ask someone to stand on the thigh region, above your knee with a gap of six seconds on both the legs before moving onto another region in the same place.
After having done with the region above your knee, ask the person to go below your knee on the feet and repeat the same activity.
In this way, you can practise this method at home and feel a relief in the portion that was in pain.

In case you’ve been a sufferer for a long time, or it’s a chronic disease, you might visit our centre “Neurotherapy Nirogalaya” at the Kolkata branch. We have our specialist, Dipanjan Dev with whom you can consult on your problems and avail treatments in the most natural way dating back to those from the Early Vedic Age, without the use of medicines, tablets or pills.

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